Blog Update: Upgrading to a new Powerful Dedicated Server!

Blog is now Hosted on New Powerful Dedicated Servers

Thanks to your continued support, we’ve outgrown our Basic Dedicated Server and will be upgrading to a new Powerful Dedicated Server.

You may have noticed the site temporary go down ever so often (Internal Server 500 Error) whenever my traffic spiked. This upgrade will fix the issue and much more. My goal is to give you the best user experience possible by having an extremely reliable and fast loading website.

I’ll be making the upgrade this weekend which means I won’t be posting any new deals this weekend. The site will still be up and running while I upgrade the server in the background. I’ll start posting new deals again on Monday.

I’m always looking to improve the site so let me know what I can do.

If you’re looking for a dependable web host, check out All of my sites are hosted on HostGator.


Raymond Lau