McDonald’s Canada: New McDonalds Coupons (Until Jan 31 or Feb 7)

McDonald's Canada New McDonalds Coupons (Until Jan 31 or Feb 7)

McDonald’s Canada just released a new batch of coupons!

Your favourite coupons are back! Enjoy another season of savings right from your mobile phone or print them at home. The coupons vary by province and are valid from December 29, 2015 to January 31 or February 7, 2016 (varies by province). You should expect the coupons in the mail in the near future if you haven’t already received them.

You can get the coupons by downloading McDonald’s mobile app (iTunes App Store or Google Play) or printing them off McDonald’s website. I find it easier and more convenient to just download McDonald’s App and display the coupons on your smartphone instead of having to manually print and cut the coupons.

The coupon’s vary by province, but typically include the following:

  • Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)
  • 2 Can Dine
  • One Can Dine
  • Meal Deal
  • Breakfast Deals
  • + more…

Click here to visit McDonald’s website to download or print your coupons.

Enjoy the savings!