Sport Chek: Team Assist Program – Get Lots of FREE Coupons!

I just received my Sport Check Team Assist Package. Sign-up now and get yours for free.
I just received my Sport Check Team Assist Package in the mail

Do you play on a sports team? If so, sign-up for Sport Chek’s  ‘Team Assist Program get lots of great perks and free coupons to use at Sport Chek!

It’s free to join and only takes 1 person on your team to fill out a simple online form. Once you register, your team will receive great kickbacks, bonuses and coupons. If you don’t play on a team, you can always sign up a fake/ made-up team and keep all the coupons for yourself or hand them out to friends, family or co-workers. SportChek doesn’t check or verify the teams or anything.

I play on a recreational ice hockey league and registered my team. The free coupons are valid until February 28. 2015 so you lots of time to use the coupons.

Here’s how it works and the coupons that you’ll get:


You play as a team, why not shop as a team? By signing up, you’ll not only be saving money on all your sporting needs, you’ll also be contributing to group savings for the entire team.


  • Each team receives 20 member cards; keep your card with you everytime you shop at Sport Chek.
  • Every card comes with 4 coupons, saving you more when you shop individually.
  • After 4 months, your team will be eligible to obtain a Sport Chek gift card for 5% of the total purchases made by your team members through Team Assist.
  • The more you shop, the more you save!
  • Plus, when you join you’ll have exclusive access to SportChek insider info, like offers and promotions for even more savings.

Every card comes with the following offers, saving you even more when you shop individually:

  • Save $10 on minimum $50 purchase
  • Take 20% off our ticket price on any single item
  • Two free skate sharpenings

Click here to join Sport Chek Assist Program now or for more information about this offer.

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