Find Lots of Cool and Amazing Deals for $5

Fiverr Find Lots of Cool and Amazing Deals for $5

I recently discovered and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite websites. is free to join and is the world’s largest marketplace offering services for $5! You’ll find a ton of amazing things people are willing to do for only $5. There’s something for everyone and a lot of stuff if you own a business.

I’ve found lots of terrific deals and have bought a lot of $5 things on fiverr. I’m often amazed at some of the stuff I can find for $5 because there’s a couple things I’ve hired someone to do in the past and paid 20X-100X more.

Just to give you an idea, here’s some of cool and random things you can find on Fiverr:

  • I will design high quality and professional LOGO your website or company for $5
  • I will help to do your math homework and assignment perfectly for $5
  • I will proof read or revise any document, essay, article, etc up to 1000 words for $5
  • I will send 2500 followers to your account and send your message to 1 MILLION of … for $5
  • I will design business card, flyer, post card, poster, brochure, header, banner, facebook, … for $5
  • I will record a professional voice over up to 60 seconds in length for $5
  • I will add 1000+ likes to your facebook fanpage in less than 24 hours without admin access for $5
  • I will hula hoop in a BIKINI and say whatever you like for $5

If you’re going to buy something on Fiverr, sort by “Rating” to find the hghest rated and most active sellers.

Click here and register a FREE account on now and check out all the cool things you can find.