YUL Deals: Montreal to Hawaii – $539 roundtrip after taxes – throughout schedule!

I just saw this incredible flight deal posted over at our friends Chris Myden’s site YUL Deals:

Delta just loaded some really crazy fares to Hawaii in their system. They’re crazy for a few different reasons, and it’s not just the price.

Reason #1 – Well, the price, of course. I wouldn’t be telling people about it if it wasn’t ridiculous.
$539 roundtrip after taxes. For comparison, the next cheapest airfares from Montreal to Hawaii are in the $900s.


Reason #2 – The range of dates
It looks to have affected a huge chunk of scheduled flights, from late August through to April 2013!


Reason #3 – It’s not just Honolulu, but Maui, Kauai, and Kona too!
Yep, pretty much every major Hawaiian airport, and all for the same price. Usually destinations other than Honolulu are more expensive to get to.


Here’s how to find them…

1. Have a look on Google Flights


Honolulu – 7 night trips…



Honolulu – 10 night trips…



Maui – 7 night trips…



Maui – 10 night trips…



Kauai – 7 night trips…



Kauai – 10 night trips…



Kona – 7 night trips…



Kona – 10 night trips…



2. Click on the Calendar icon, and choose a date combo that looks good to you. Click on it.

3. Choose your Outbound flight. Choose your Return flight. Then click on the button that says Book With Delta to be taken to Delta.com

Screenshot of verified price:

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