HOT DEAL: St-Laurent Coiffure in Westmount Square – $29 for a TWO 1-hour Full Body Energy Massages (Save $114 or 79% Off)

TeamBuy Montreal Hot Daily Deal of the Day: $29 for a TWO 1-hour Full Body Energy Massages at St-Laurent Coiffure in Westmount Square (Value $140 – Free Parking)

PRICE: $29
VALUE: $140
SAVE: $111/79%

Ease tension and stress with today’s TeamBuy deal to St-Laurent Coiffure in Westmount Square. For only $29, you can get $140 worth of a two 1-hour full body energy massages. That’s a savings of $111 or 79% off! You`re allowed to stock up on the deal as you may buy unlimited vouchers for yourself and as gifts and the vouchers don’t expire for six months.

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Boost your energy levels and reduce pain and stress significantly
Strong surge of vitality and overall sensation of well-being
Option to choose a pain-management massage
Free Parking

Includes two 1-hour full-body energy massages
Unlimited number of tickets per person, unlimited as gifts
Taxes included, tips not included
Reservations required
No insurance receipt will be given for this promotion
Universal Details
Expires: May 10, 2012

Spa St-Laurent Coiffure
1 west mount square, montreal, quebec
(514) 781-7100

Physicists confirm that learning to control pressure-levels is essential to our daily lives, especially when it comes to showers, slow-cookers, tires, and espresso machines. Apply pressure in all the right places by getting not one but two 1-hour full-body massages, a value of $140 for only $29 at St-Laurent Coiffure !

Put your tensed tendons, your stressed sinews, and your mangled muscles in the masterful hands of Irving Abish and feel the magic. Unlike any other massage in the city, Irving, drawing on his many years of experience and his deep knowledge of physiotherapy and osteopathy, created a unique style of cranial massage therapy. Adaptable to your body’s needs and particularities, this treatment is designed to boost your energy levels and reduce pain and stress significantly.

Comfortably settled in a chair, which will keep your back in the upright position to maximize blood flow and make the effects of the massage last longer, Irving will begin to work on your head, neck, upper arms, back, and feet, and then move to your feet, calves and lower legs. Through the pressure applied to specific points and deep-tissue work, an ambient fluid is released throughout your entire body and then absorbed by your immune system to create energy and increase your hormone levels, which results in a strong surge of energy and overall sensation of well-being. You will feel your cares melt away as your sinews relax and become like honey.

If you have aches in certain areas, you can receive a pain-management massage that will work better than any pill. This treatment is designed to prevent the chemicals sending the ‘pain-messages’ to your brain from performing, and once this signal is interrupted, you stop feeling the pain, so your body can focus on the healing process. You will also receive a series of stretching exercises and breathing techniques that you can practice at home to continue and enhance your healing, while minimizing the pain.

Trust your inner-barometer and create a calm atmosphere within yourself with today’s TeamBuy offer!

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