ComplexMdex: $280 for Clinical Teeth Whitening Treatment (Save $370 or 57% Off)

TeamBuy Montreal Deal: $280 for Clinical Teeth Whitening Treatment at ComplexMdex (value of $650)

Price $280
Value $650
Discount 57% off
Savings $370

Humans have always been attracted to shiny things – from the incandescent moon to hidden rubies, glistening objects have been the cause for the greatest explorations. Begin your personal sparkling expedition to obtain your own string of pearly whites with today’s TeamBuy offer: for $280, get 1 clinical teeth whitening treatment from Complex Mdex, a value of $650! You can buy 1 voucher for personal use and unlimited as gifts.

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Buy Details
Includes 1 Clinical Teeth Whitening Treatment
Max 1 per person, unlimited gifts
Taxes not included
Appointment necessary

The Company
Complex Mdex
1000 Sherbrooke West Level C R-18
(514) 907-6339

This incredible treatment offered by Complex Mdex is fast, efficient, and reliable and is the same treatment used on the famous TV show Extreme Makeover. You will begin this whitening adventure by meeting with the dentist who will explain the procedure and supervise the entire process. Sitting comfortably in the dentist’s chair, the professional staff will prepare you for the treatment by putting protection around your gums and lips. The especially designed ‘Lumibrite’ product will then be applied on your teeth, and your mouth will be placed under a lamp in order to activate and accelerate the process. ‘Lumibrite’ will create a chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and your enamel’s proteins. The peroxide will change the conformation of the proteins, modifying the direction of the light’s reflection. With this technique, there is no damage caused to the enamel!

After 15 minutes, the product begins to loose some of its effect, which is why it will be taken off and another layer will be applied to your teeth for another fifteen minutes, and then once more for a total of three fifteen minute sessions (all done consecutively in one visit). The lights are often dimmed while the product is whitening the teeth, and many patients feel so comfortable during this process that they even take quick nap. Once the treatment is over, a de-sensitizing product is applied on your teeth for even more comfort and protection. Though results and sensitivity may vary, this treatment usually last between 2 to 5 years and is much more efficient and safer than any home-kit.

View their video HERE (in French).

Please note that a visit to your regular dentist for a full cleaning is required about a week before receiving this treatment for best results. Leave the gold-tooth look to pirates, and shine with a smile that has recovered its whiteness with today’s TeamBuy offer !

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