VRcade: 10$ for 1 hour in magic rooms for children from 2 to 7 years old ($20 value)

Tuango Montreal Deal of the Day: VRcade: 10$ for 1 hour in magic rooms for children from 2 to 7 years old ($20 value)

Buy now for only $10
Value $20

What you get

  • Option #1: 10$ for 1 hour in magic rooms for children from 2 to 7 years old ($20 value)
  • The magic rooms are designed to replace VR headsets for young children
  • They will be able to have their first experience of augmented reality in two rooms, one which will permanently keep them active and the other who will develop their creativity
  • Free for accompanying parents
  • More details on the rooms by clicking here!
  • Option #2: $15 for a VR session with the HTC VIVE Pro, the best virtual reality headset currently available ($25 value)
  • Selection of over 150 games and you can play what you want, alone or in multiplayer in those compatible.
  • The complete list of games can be found here
  • Option #3: Receive a $50 gift card for $35
  • Applicable on everything, at all times

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Maximum of 2 coupons upon purchase for personal use & 2 more to offer as gifts
Offer starts January 30, 2019 / Expires March 31, 2019
Option #1: Suggested for children 2-7 years old / Valid at all time according to opening hours / 1 coupon per child
Option #2: Suggested for ages 8 and up / Applicable only on the HTC VIVE Pro / 1 person per headset, or maximum 2 in turn / Valid only from Monday to Thursday according to opening hours
Option #3: Valid for people of all ages / Valid at all times according to opening hours / Applicable to any activity in the arcade / Usable in multiple visits, balance carried forward / No expiration date
All options: Taxes not included, payable on site
To see the details that apply to all offers, click here: tuango.ca/en/pages/details

VRcade 5705A Boul. Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec, J4Z1A4, CA Phone: (450) 500-2961

What is VRcade and virtual reality?

Virtual reality is the latest form of interactive and immersive technology. It is used by the army to train soldiers, in medicine to practice surgeries, in real estate to tour houses, and for what we focus on, entertainment! With a gaming headset, motion sensors and 2 controllers, you will be able to play their 150+ virtual reality games and interact with the different worlds as if you were really there. VRcade stands out as one of the best virtual reality arcades in North America thanks to its huge selection of games and its complementary activities to the main headset: 2 augmented reality rooms for children from 2 to 7 years old, VR roller coaster simulators, VR racing simulators and AR Archery.

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