MontVR: Pay $139 and get a $200 MontVR gift card

Tuango Montreal Deal of the Day: MontVR: Pay $139 and get a $200 MontVR gift card

Buy now for only $139
Value $200

What you get

  • Pay $139 and get a $200 MontVR gift card
  • Test network games for up to 8 players!
  • Become a ninja warrior, hunt down zombies, learn a new job, or begin a voyage of discovery to another continent: these arcades of the future will wow in ways only virtual reality can. The cutting-edge technology at MontVR will propel you to fantastic worlds you didn’t even know you could access. You don’t have to journey alone, either!
  • When you reserve for a group, you can simultaneously play different games with up to 10 people together (multiplayer games.)
  • MontVR centers offer a wide selection of games that will excite every taste. Fun and affordable, this outing can be experienced alone, with your loved one, with friends or with your family. All kinds of players are welcome at MontVR, from the total VR newbie to the hardcore gamer—whether you want pure and simple fun or a challenging thrill, MontVR’s got it!
  • Use your gift card in one of the six MontVR centers (Montreal, Brossard, Québec city, Trois-Rivières, Laval). This will also be valid in the new centers that will open in 2019!
  • Visit their website at

This is a limited time offer while quantities last so don’t miss out!

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Maximum of 5 coupons on purchase for personal use & 5 more to offer as gifts
Offer starts October 19, 2018
The gift card is valid in all MontVR centers from the moment of purchase
IMPORTANT: You must claim your gift card first, go to
Once you have your gift card in hand, book your reservation at
Possibility to use multiple certificates for one transaction
Usable in several visits, balance carried forward
Can be used to pay taxes
No expiration date
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Multiple Locations

Looking to experience new adventures and virtual worlds? Tuango offers you this chance with MontVR:

Whether you’re curious to experience the virtual reality for the first time, or you’re a hardcore gamer looking to explore new challenges, MontVR is here for you!

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