Rogers: $50/Month for Loyalty Retention Plan with 4GB Data and Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling (Until Dec 31)

Prepare to save big if you’re an existing Rogers wireless customer!

Rogers privately released an awesome Retention Loyalty Plan yesterday. I called Rogers retention department, changed my plan and now save $60/month (over $700/ year)!

Here’s the details:

$50/Month for Retention Loyalty Plan w/4GB Data
• 4GB Data
• Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
• Unlimited Sent & Received Text, Picture & Video Messages
• Call Display and Voicemail
• 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
• Conference Calling
• Call Waiting
Overage (per 100 MB) : $5.00
Bring Your Own Device

I’ve waited a long time for a retention plan like this! Just to show you how good this deal is, here’s a link to Roger’s current wireless plans. A comparable plan costs $100.00/mo (save $50/month)!

You’ll only get this offer if you contact Roger’s retention’s department. You can call the Retention’s Department directly at 1-855-732-7149. Since it’s a retention’s plan, this offer is available to existing Rogers customers only. You should have no problems changing to this plan if you’re no longer on a contract. If you’re still on a contract, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of your existing contract/term and switch to this new month-to-month plan (depending on how long you have left on your contract & your current monthly bill, it may or may not make sense for you to switch).

I called Rogers yesterday and waited on hold for 2 minutes before I spoke to an agent in the Retention’s Department. I told them my bill was too expensive and I needed to lower my bill. I told them a friend just changed their plan to Roger’s new $50 Loyalty 4GB Plan and that I would like to do the same. The agent I was talking to was very helpful and immediately knew the plan I was referring to and quickly switched me over. The total process took less then 15 minutes and it’s going to save me $60/ month! I was previously on a Share Everything plan that cost $110/month with 6GB of data. It was a no-brainer to make the switch (lose 2GB of data/ month, but save $60/ month).

I excitedly told my friends and family about the deal and everyone who was with Rogers all changed their plans and got the deal as well. If you get an agent who’s not helpful or is not aware of this specific offer, I suggest you politely hang-up the phone and call again until you get someone who’ll be able to better assist you. The agent may try to persuade you to keep your existing plan by offering you a discount, but most of you will save a lot more money if your change plan to this.

This offer is rumoured to be only available until December 31, 2016 so take advantage of it while it’s still available!

I first heard about this deal on RedFlagDeals. There’s a huge thread about it with a lot of information (read the thread if you’re considering changing plans). There’s a lot of people talking about this deal and changing their wireless plan to this.

Good luck! Share your experience in the comments below and tell me how much you’ll save!