REMINDER: Tim Hortons – Any Small Flavoured Latte for only $1 (Jan 30 – Feb 19)

Reminder Update: I originally posted this deal yesterday. Here`s a reminder that this promo starts today! I know a lot of you love Tim Hortons and didn`t you to miss on out in case you don`t check the blog on the weekend.

Starting today (Monday, January 30), you can try any small Tim Hortons Flavoured Latte for only $1! This is a limited time offer the ends February 19, 2012.

Tim Hortons’ Flavoured Latte start with the perfect blend of premium espresso made from 100% Arabica beans, warm frothy milk and any one of the following irresistible flavours including: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mint Chocolate and Vanilla Spice.

As a side note, Tim Hortons popular `Roll Up The Rim To Win` contest is back February 20th!

Click here for more information about this Flavoured Latte promo on Tim Hortons’ Facebook page.

Click here to visit Tim Hortons’ website for more information Flavoured Lattes.

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