La Senza: Mystery Sassy Savings Card Event (Until May 1)

La Senza’s Sassy Savings event is back! Until May 1, 2011, when you spend at least $10 on a in-store purchase, you will receive a mystery card that is worth at least $10 and can be worth up to $500!
You can use the mystery card’s credit on your next purchase. Mystery card can only be redeemed from May 9 to May 29, 2011. You will not know how much is on the card until you redeem it with your next purchase (but minimum $10 is on the card, max of $500).
I remember there being a catch when redeeming the cards last time this event was around. I believe you had to spend $25 at the time you redeem the card. More details will be available in store.

It is still a pretty good deal, you are guaranteed $10 and have the chance to have get $500! That’s a lot of underwear!
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